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Space Mountain

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 4/27/2014 “Space Mountain” The majestic Space Mountain glows brilliantly in Tomorrowland at The Magic Kingdom.  This rarely seen elevated angle gives you an idea of just how large Space Mountain […]


Happy (belated) 50th Birthday – Carousel of Progress

  “HAPPY (belated) 50th BIRTHDAY – CAROUSEL OF PROGRESS“ Now is the time!  Now is the best time…  for a great big beautiful tomorrow!  The Magic in Pixels would like to wish a happy 50th […]


TMIP Special Report – Carousel of Progress / Who is This Kid?

TMIP INVESTIGATIVE SPECIAL REPORT – “CAROUSEL OF PROGRESS / WHO IS THIS KID?!” In the opening act of Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress in Walt Disney World (currently celebrating the 50th anniversary of its inception […]


TMIP Special Report – Separated at DEATH?

TMIP INVESTIGATIVE SPECIAL REPORT – “SEPARATED AT DEATH?!” Is it possible that the grandmotherly ghost who is sitting in a chair in front of the fire in the ballroom scene of The Haunted Mansion is […]


Tribute to Rex Allen in Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 4/7/2014 “Tribute to Rex Allen in Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress” Rex Allen (1920-1999) (wikipedia, IMDB) was a Western actor and singer who narrated quite a few Disney Wonderful World […]


Space Mountain… Ready for LAUNCH!

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 2/23/2014 “Space Mountain… Ready for Launch!” Front seat… Check!  Safety Bar… Check!  Camera secured to strap… Check!  Strap secured to me… Check! This action shot of the launch tunnel in […]