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Asia Bridge

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 1/29/2014 “Asia Bridge” During Pixelmania 2013, we had the opportunity to walk around Disney’s Animal Kingdom after the sun had set and shoot for about an hour and a half […]


Be Prepared

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 1/28/2014 “Be Prepared!” During our family trip to Walt Disney World in November of last year, we made it a priority to take in a late night viewing of the […]


The Tree of Life

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 12/12/2013 “The Tree of Life” Anyone who knows me or has gone shooting in the ‘Parks with me knows how much I absolutely, positively LOVE Animal Kingdom at night.  I […]


Pirates of the Caribbean – Holy Grail

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 11/13/2013 “Pirates of the Caribbean – Holy Grail” One of the shots on my list of “Holy Grails” is the skeletal captain from Pirates of the Caribbean’s hurricane/ squall scene, […]


American Alligator

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 11/12/2013 “American Alligator” My family and I had the opportunity to take the “Behind the Seeds” tour in The Land pavilion in Epcot’s Future World.  One of the stops on […]


Temple of Heaven

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 11/7/2013 Temple of Heaven “Temple of Heaven” Two of the most beautiful areas in all of Walt Disney World are the Canada and China Pavilions in Epcot’s World Showcase.  Yesterday […]


Mulch, Sweat, and Shears

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 11/5/2013 Mulch, Sweat, and Shears “Mulch, Sweat, and Shears” One of my favorite things to do in Walt Disney World is to check out all of the live entertainment that […]


Cinderella Castle

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 10/22/2013 Cinderella Castle “Cinderella Castle” I recently had the opportunity to visit the Magic Kingdom during a work trip and was able to meet up with a bunch of buddies […]


A Night at Disney’s Boardwalk Area

  THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 7/6/2013 “A Night at Disney’s Boardwalk Area” This image shows a Friendship Boat loading up passengers to take them on a relaxing trip across Crescent Lake toward any of […]


Sheriff Woody

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 5/28/2013 “Sheriff Woody” As requested by Mia Mulch (Mulch, Sweat, & Shears) herself who told me that Woody is her favorite. Woody is rocking out at the Block Party Bash […]


Raising the Flag

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 5/27/2013 “Raising the Flag” Happy belated Memorial Day, everyone.  I sincerely hope you all took a few moments out of your busy weekend to reflect on the thousands of brave […]



THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 5/13/2013 “Go with the Flow!” As requested by John (jbwolffiv on the Twitters) who needed to see some Finding Nemo the Musical.  This shot was taken during Pixelmania 2011 from […]



THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 5/12/2013 “Expedition Everest” As requested by Doug (WalkOnPooh on the Twitters) who wished to see Expedition Everest at night.  This shot comes from the archives (2007) and was taken from […]



THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 4/18/2013   “Adventureland at Night” Once again Brian Skinner (WDWRLD on the Twitters) chimed in with a request and he wanted to see something from Adventureland.  I remembered making this […]



THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 4/17/2013  “The Mexico Pavilion” Way back in January of this year, Brian Skinner (WDWRLD on the Twitters) had asked me to post a picture of the inside of the Mexico […]