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Mickey Mouse-Why did Walt Create Him?…

 It is hard to believe that Christmas, 2020 is only a few weeks away. Most in the country will not mourn the passing of this gloomy and for many, a sad year. As the country […]


Mickey’s Christmas Carol…

                                                                                                                Another Christmas season is upon us, and for me my inner child, like the phoenix rises from the ashes of adulthood to embrace this magical season. Enjoying the season like a kid, I also […]


Disney Legend and Animator, Freddie Moore…

                                                                                                                   Even the gifted prophetic Walt Disney could not have foretold the present state of his company. Today, the Walt Disney Company has its tendrils entwined into almost every entertainment, vacation and theme park venues […]


Walt Disney’s Donald Duck…

Donald Duck throughout the years is the only Disney character that has maintained by many, eclipsed Mickey Mouse in popularity. In 2002, Donald Duck was on TV Guides list of the 50 greatest cartoon characters […]


Mickey Mouse-a cure for the Depression…

                                                                                                               It’s hard to believe, but another Christmas season is almost upon us. This mostly Christian annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus is also celebrated by countless millions of non-Christians world-wide. It represents hope […]


Walt Disney’s Minnie Mouse…

One cannot evoke the name of Mickey Mouse without almost an unconscious thought of adding “Minnie Mouse”; much like “Muck and Mire” or “Ben and Jerry” they just go together. One of the interesting notes […]


Mickey’s Christmas Carol

MICKEY’S CHRISTMAS CAROL Mickey’s Christmas Carol is one of those timeless short films that really brings back childhood memories.  I first saw the film (which was first released in 1983) in the movie theater way […]


“Book of Mouse” by Jim Korkis…A Review

A few weeks ago, I had to opportunity to interview Disney Historian and Author Jim Korkis; we spoke about his newest book, “The Book of Mouse”, which is essential a “Bible” so to speak about […]


Spaceship Mickey

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 4/19/2014 “Spaceship Mickey” One of my favorite shots from the Flower and Garden 2012 gallery is this night-time shot of the Epcot entrance at night.  Sorcerer Mickey stands in topiary […]


New gallery – Flower and Garden 2012

NEW PHOTO GALLERY! “Flower and Garden 2012 Photo Gallery” I finally got around to processing and posting my entire photo gallery from Epcot’s Flower and Garden festival in 2012.  Noteworthy are the Lightning McQueen and […]