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Cinderella Castle – “Enfused HDR”

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 2/12/2015 “Cinderella Castle – “Enfused HDR”” I recently came across a Lightroom Plugin called LR Enfuse (click) which takes several photos in Lightroom and merges them into a single HDR […]


Temple of Heaven

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 2/7/2015 “Temple of Heaven” If anyone knows me, I am always looking for unique angle on shots at Walt Disney World.  One of my favorite things to do is to […]


Grand Floridian

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 2/24/2014 “Grand Floridian” Before the festivities of Pixelmania 2013 kicked off, my buddy Gary and I went to the Polynesian for lunch and meandered around for a bit before walking […]


Discovery Island

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 2/21/2014 “Discovery Island” My favorite thing to do, and you have all heard me say this many times over, is to walk around Animal Kingdom as it is getting dark.  […]


Walt Disney World Dolphin Sunset

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 2/17/2014 “Walt Disney World Dolphin Sunset” We spent my wife’s birthday last year at Epcot then walked over to have an awesome dinner at IL MULINO at the Walt Disney […]



THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 2/13/2014 “Mexico” There is nothing quite as relaxing as a late-night walk around World Showcase in Epcot.  The local ambient music, the smell of the food, and the cultural aspects […]


Minnie Mouse

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 2/6/2014 “Minnie Mouse” Around the Partners Statue in the main ‘hub of The Magic Kingdom are numerous smaller bronze statues of some of Disney’s greatest characters.  I tried to photograph […]


Asia Bridge

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 1/29/2014 “Asia Bridge” During Pixelmania 2013, we had the opportunity to walk around Disney’s Animal Kingdom after the sun had set and shoot for about an hour and a half […]


The Tree of Life

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 12/12/2013 “The Tree of Life” Anyone who knows me or has gone shooting in the ‘Parks with me knows how much I absolutely, positively LOVE Animal Kingdom at night.  I […]


Temple of Heaven

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 11/7/2013 Temple of Heaven “Temple of Heaven” Two of the most beautiful areas in all of Walt Disney World are the Canada and China Pavilions in Epcot’s World Showcase.  Yesterday […]


Cinderella Castle

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 10/22/2013 Cinderella Castle “Cinderella Castle” I recently had the opportunity to visit the Magic Kingdom during a work trip and was able to meet up with a bunch of buddies […]


The Haunted Mansion

  THE PICTURE OF THE DAY – APRIL 13, 2012 “The Haunted Mansion (in-camera HDR)” by Tim Devine   I had the pleasure of trying out my new Canon G1x point and shoot camera while […]