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Osborne Lights 2015

GALLERY UPDATE – OSBORNE LIGHTS 2015 Pixelmania 2015 marked the final season for seeing the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights.  To see the entire gallery of photos taken during the event, please click the […]


Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster Selfie

  THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2015  “Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster Selfie” by Tim Devine  Originally posted on February 2, 2011 I took this selfie while messing around and killing some time in the […]


Lights, Motors, Action!

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 1/20/2015 “Lights, Motors, Action” TIMING IS EVERYTHING!! A villain car explodes after being shot by the hero in Lights, Motors, Action at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  I took this photo during […]


Sorcerer Mickey Hat

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 4/29/2014 “Sorcerer Mickey Hat” (this post originally appeared 4/2014 but is being re-posted due to the pending removal of The Hat) The Sorcerer Mickey Hat (AKA The Big A** Hat) […]


Legends of Hollywood

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 9/13/2014 “Legends of Hollywood” This photo of Legends of Hollywood in Disney’s Hollywood Studios was one of the first mirrorless photos that I had taken in Walt Disney World after […]


Frozen Fireworks

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 9/2/2014 “Frozen Fireworks” The Frozen Fireworks explode high above the Kingdom of Hollywoodland in this special themed fireworks show, featuring the music of Frozen.  The Frozen Fireworks were the one […]


Mr. Potato Head

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 7/11/2014 “Mr. Potato Head” Mr. Potato Head serves as the carnival barker/ shill for the Toy Story Mania attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (and in Disney’s California Adventure).  What makes […]


May the 4th Be With You!

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 5/4/2014 “May the 4th Be With You!” May 4 is considered a holiday by Star Wars fans to celebrate the franchise’s films series, books and culture.  The date was chosen […]


Star Tours

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 4/8/2014 “Star Tours” This portrait of C-3PO was taken during the Star Tours attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  For this picture, I wanted to stray away a bit from the […]


Can I Get Your Bag, Sir? – Tower of Terror

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 4/4/2014 “Can I Get Your Bag, Sir?” Bellhop Brandon seems stuck in 1939 as he dutifully asks a Guest if he needs help with his bag after he checked in […]


Paige Turner and Betty Shambles

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 3/23/2014 “Paige Turner and Betty Shambles” Two more of Hollywood’s sweethearts, Paige Turner and Betty Shambles, like to offer advice to those who are willing to ring the bell.  The […]


Dorma Nesmond

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 3/23/2014 “Dorma Nesmond” Dorma Nesmond, from the Citizens of Hollywood (aka Streetmosphere) is the “Greatest Star in the Entire Universe”.  She can be seen performing in Disney’s Hollywood Studios and […]


Star Wars Weekends…2013

Rebel forces and Imperial Storm troopers again roam Disney’s Hollywood Studios as Star Wars Weekends begins. (May 17-19, May 24-26, May 31-June 2nd, June 7-9). Held here annually at the Studios since 2003, George Lucas’ […]


New Gallery: Mulch, Sweat, & Shears (2012-04)

One of my favorite musical acts at Walt Disney World is Mulch, Sweat, and Shears at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Morris Mulch and his gang of yard-rockin’ landscapers never fail to amuse, entertain, and help us […]