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Dead Men (and women) Tell No Tales!

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 6/30/2014 “Dead Men (and women) Tell No Tales!” Pirates of the Caribbean is one of my 2-3 favorite all-time attractions in Walt Disney World.  I remember being blown away as […]


Jack Sparrow Searches for the Treasure

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 4/22/2014 “Jack Sparrow Searches for the Treasure” The witty and resourceful Jack Sparrow (“CAPTAIN… Jack Sparrow, if you please.”) clandestinely searches high and low for the treasure map despite the […]


Pirates of the Caribbean – Holy Grail

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 11/13/2013 “Pirates of the Caribbean – Holy Grail” One of the shots on my list of “Holy Grails” is the skeletal captain from Pirates of the Caribbean’s hurricane/ squall scene, […]



THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, 4/18/2013   “Adventureland at Night” Once again Brian Skinner (WDWRLD on the Twitters) chimed in with a request and he wanted to see something from Adventureland.  I remembered making this […]


Captain Barbossa

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY – APRIL 24, 2012 “Captain Hector Barbossa” by Tim Devine   The two-timing captain of the Black Pearl stands this time aboard the deck of the Wicked Wench, taunting and […]