Mickey’s Christmas Carol


Mickey’s Christmas Carol is one of those timeless short films that really brings back childhood memories.  I first saw the film (which was first released in 1983) in the movie theater way when I was a little boy and it was part of a “double-feature” with The Rescuers (remember that one?)

These six photos depict the six dioramas from outside of The Emporium on Main Street USA in The Magic Kingdom.  Each diorama tells the story of each of the major scenes from Mickey’s Christmas Carol.  Sadly, these window decorations are often overlooked as guests pass by The Emporium as they go about their day; these windows have such a level of detail and quality that you really owe it to yourself to spend some time checking them out.

Scene 1 features Fred (Donald Duck) inviting his uncle, Ebeneezer Scrooge (Scrooge McDuck), to a holiday party.  His invitation is quickly rebuffed by the cold-hearted Scrooge.  Bob Cratchit (Mickey Mouse) watches on from his desk.

In Scene 2 , Scrooge is visited by his old friend and business associate, Jacob Marley (Goofy) who is wrapped in chains for eternity due to his greed and selfishness.  He warns Scrooge that Scrooge will suffer a similar fate if he does not change his ways; he also tells Scrooge that Scrooge will be visited by three spirits.

Scene 3 shows Scrooge watching the evil of past along with the Ghost of Christmas Past (Jiminey Cricket).  Scrooge is shown breaking the heart of his love, Isabelle (Daisy Duck), by foreclosing on their future honeymoon cottage because Isabelle was an hour late with the mortgage payment.

In Scene 4, the Ghost of Christmas Present (Willy the Giant) shows Scrooge how the Cratchit family, despite having little money, can still celebrate and be happy with each other.  Scrooge is told that there will be great tragedy within the Cratchit family if their fate does not change but just when Scrooge begs to know what will happen, the Ghost of Christmas Present vanishes, leaving Scrooge with no answers.

In Scene 5, Scrooge sees Bob Cratchit in the graveyard mourning the death of Tiny Tim.  Horrified, he asks the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come (Pete) if this future can be changed.  Scrooge is also shown his fate as he falls into a grave that had just been dug for “The Richest Man in the Cemetery” with no one there to mourn his loss, much to the amusement of the Weasels who had dug the grave.

Awakened as a changed duck in Scene 6, Scrooge goes to the Cratchit house with a huge bag of gold, presents, and food for Bob and Emily Cratchit (Minnie Mouse) and their kids, Martha (Millie Mouse), Peter (Morty Fieldmouse) and Tiny Tim (Ferdie Fieldmouse).  The story concludes with Tiny Tim uttering his famous line, “And God Bless Us Everyone!”

From the entire Magic in Pixels family to yours, a most joyous and blessed Merry Christmas!

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