There’s Always My Way!



There's Always My Way

1/40 sec, f/2.0, ISO 25,600 — Canon 1Dx with 85 f/1.8
Taken 7/20/2014

“There’s Always MY Way”

In the stretching rooms in Disney’s Haunted Mansion, the Ghost Host taunts you with the following fact: “This chamber has no windows… and no doors!  Which offers you this chilling challenge… to find a way out!”  After some maniacal laughter he continues, “Of course… there’s always MY way!”

At this point, thunder claps and the lights go out, illuminating the ceiling which turns out to be a painted scrim where you can no see a hanged corpse dangling from the rafters.  The corpse of the former Master Gracey, master of the Haunted Mansion, is only illuminated very briefly and you really cannot see much detail because he is only lit for about 2 seconds.

For this shot, I activated a bunch of focus points on my camera and flipped the drive mode into high, blasting off a few frames which I had the chance and you see the result.  Sometimes it takes quite a bit of luck combined with skill to make an image happen and this is one of those times.  I have been trying for YEARS to get a shot this good and finally nailed one.

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