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Taken October 7, 2009

The Save Off Kilter group that is on facebook is dedicated to trying to get the Walt Disney Company to reverse their decision to “retire” Off Kilter, MoRockin’, The Spirit of America Fife and Drum Corps, and the World Showcase Players.  Although the facebook group primarily deals with saving Off Kilter, the same effort and passion should be shown to these other groups as well.

Off Kilter, to me, is a staple of Epcot that should never be removed.  My boys both grew up listening to the Off Kilter CD’s in the car and both enjoy taking in a performance while we are in Epcot.  The main guys from Off Kilter are more than just Cast Members, they are friends who always seem happy to see up and take time to say hi after a set.

Off Kilter is also a tradition of the The Magic in Pixels’ annual event, Pixelmania, and they guys are always will to play up and pose and have a great time where there are 25-30 huge cameras blasting away in tempo with the music.

We are very disappointed in the decision to remove them from Epcot’s entertainment offering and, although I intended no disrespect to the upcoming entertainment, I can’t see how a lumberjack show can be “thrilling”.  I reserve my right to judgement and will gladly eat humble pie if the new show turns out to be good but I must say that I will always miss seeing Off Kilter.

If you are on facebook, I ask that you check out the Save Off Kilter group and do your part to let Disney know that you are not happy with this decision.


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