Frozen Fireworks


Frozen Fireworks

15 seconds, f/11, ISO 100 — Sony a6000 with 18-200 Lens
Taken 7/24/2014

“Frozen Fireworks”

The Frozen Fireworks explode high above the Kingdom of Hollywoodland in this special themed fireworks show, featuring the music of Frozen.  The Frozen Fireworks were the one offering of Frozen Summer Fun that I was really looking forward to seeing during our past trip to Walt Disney World and I wasn’t disappointed.  The fireworks were amazing and it was a treat to get to see fireworks exploding above Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  There were tons and tons of bursts and it was a great fireworks show.

My top of the line Canon 1Dx had taken ill earlier in the day and did not want to work but I was able to use my Sony a6000 (mirrorless) to get some photos of the fireworks.  It did a capable job although it won’t be replacing the 1Dx as the “go-to” camera anytime soon.  But it was certainly better than nothing and it was fun to finally get some photos of the Frozen Fireworks.

For this shot of the Frozen Fireworks, I walked along the path from the Boardwalk Resort to the Studios and set up shop on one of the curves in the path which gave a great view of the front gate of the Studios with plenty of unobstructed sky in order to see the fireworks.  As an added bonus, there were no crowds except for my buddy Jeff and my boys which loved the show as well.  You could hear the music in the distance and it was a great and fun way to conclude another trip.  We didn’t have a ton of luck at the Studios this summer, having been totally rained out of the park twice during the visit.

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  1. Donn Murphy September 2, 2014 at 9:40 am #

    Your photos are almost as good as being there. Thanks for sharing your skills, your technical knowledge, and your eye for the good shos!!!

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