Discovery Island


discovery island

1/60 sec, f/5.6, ISO 640 — Sony NEX-6 with 18-200
Taken 11/9/2013

“Discovery Island”

My favorite thing to do, and you have all heard me say this many times over, is to walk around Animal Kingdom as it is getting dark.  I don’t get many chances to do it, so I always to try capitalize on the opportunity when it is there.  As I was walking around near the Africa Bridge waiting for it to get a bit darker, I set my NEX-6 into HDR mode and fired away.  This images catches the last little “kiss” of sunlight on the Tree of Life’s trunk, while still showing great detail in the Tree and surrounding foliage.  Add in a the reflection from the Tree in the waters surrounding Discovery Island and we are on to something very nice.

As an added note,  I was handling a call at work the other day which required visiting a woman at her home.  Sure enough, on the coffee table, was a pile of Celebrations Magazines.  You should have seen the look on her face when I showed her the Shutters and Lenses column.  She told me that Animal Kingdom is her favorite park and she is very partial to Discovery Island.

This picture was made using my Sony NEX-6 using the in-camera, 3 shot HDR mode, handheld.  The base shot was 1/60 seconds, the -2 shot was 1/250 seconds, and the +2 shot was 1/15 second – plenty fast enough to be able to handhold the camera using good technique.

I gave this photo of Discovery Island and the Tree of Life some adjustments in Lightroom (a few presets that I like) and applied a bit of OnOne Perfect Effects 8 (HDR and Sunshine) to open up the shadows and pop the colors a bit.  As always, thanks for checking out this post and hope you enjoy this photo of Discovery Island from Disney’s Animal Kingdom.


Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resorts

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