Video Interview with Disney Historian Jim Korkis…

A Video Interview with Disney Historian Jim Korkis

There is so much to love about Disney! The shows, attractions, the parks, and for many, the simple pleasures of just walking down Main St. USA. For myself, I have a personal love and fascination with Disney History. I am very partial to the history of the company and Walt and his family. Since covering Disney press events and writing all about Disney for the past seven years, I have come to make many Disney friends. In fact, so many I cannot sometimes keep track!

There is one man that I have become close friends with, and I am honored that he in turn, feels the same. Not only is he a great friend, he has enriched my love of Disney ten-fold; for we both have that same fascination with Disney History. This man is none other than internationally known Disney Historian and Author Jim Korkis. There are not enough words to say how much I have learned because of him! We meet regularly at the parks and spend hours discussing, what else? Disney history.

Recently we had discussed how much of Disney History is being lost to the ages; so many stories and tales that will never be told. Too many Disney legends and animators have passed, and many more who knew and worked with Walt himself are gone. This information is not available on the net, nor is it in libraries, but gleans from personal encounters and stories handed down through the years. Jim is doing his part in preserving this rich legacy and no one can tell a story quite like Jim.

We decided to do a first video interview and discuss a bit about Disney History and what’s going on to preserve it for future generations. To see this interesting foray into Disney history, please watch and enjoy the video below.


For more entertainment and information from Jim, please click here to see all of Jim’s books on, including The Vault of Walt and Who’s Afraid of the Song of the South!


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Bill Iadonisi

Parks. Writing fascinating articles about the Disney Parks, which are shared on several sites, is the cut of this guy’s jib! To read more of Bill’s articles at The Magic in Pixels, CLICK HERE!

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