POTD 7/17/2010 – “Spectro-Man”


2010-07-17 disney picture of the day

by Tim Devine

One of the things that I like most about my Canon 5dMk2 is the incredibly low noise in the photos at higher ISO (film speed).  This photo, shot at ISO 3200 was easily cleaned up using Photoshop CS5 and Topaz DeNoise with a custom Canon 5dMk2 noise profile.  Techno-babble aside, SpectoMagic is one of those attractions that I really enjoy but rarely get to enjoy (having little kiddos will do that sometimes).  I had the chance to claim some prime real estate for this showing of SpectroMagic and when the show began, the Spectro-Men were so close that I was able to capture a lot of the little details in their costumes that I never really noticed before.  Those little Disney details really are amazing, aren’t they?

Canon 5d, Canon 28mm f/1.8, 1/30 sec, f/1.8, ISO 3200

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