POTD 7/19/2010 – “Cooling Off”


2010-07-19 disney picture of the day

“Cooling Off”
by Tim Devine

Today’s Picture of the Day was suggested once again by @fotodave on Twitter.  He suggesting something involving water, as it has been VERY hot out for weeks with no sign of cooling off.  With that in mind, how about hitting the water on a WaveRunner to try to beat the heat?  In this action photo from Lights, Motors, Action!, our hero literally tries to beat the heat by escaping from his attackers on this WaveRunner; he then turns on the heat by causing quite an explosion that results in an impressive fireball.  The trick to getting this shot is to wait until the vehicle is on a bit of an oblique angle so you catch the vehicle, rider, and wake (water) being thrown behind the vehicle.  This is one of the scenarios where using burst mode on your camera and shooting as many frames as you can will really pay off.     

Technical Details:  Canon 5dMk2, Sigma 120-400 OS, ISO: 400, 1/5000 sec, f/5.6

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