Cast Member Appreciation Month

The Disney Parks are truly amazing pieces of art and entertainment but there is an often-overlooked portion that needs to be given some thanks.  It is not an attraction, marvel of architecture, new technology, or animatronic.  Quite the contrary, this piece of the park really is a living, breathing, attraction in itself.  It is the wonderful Disney CAST-MEMBER, and June of 2010 is Cast Member cast-member-ribbonAppreciation Month at The Magic in Pixels.  Without the Cast-Members, the Disney Parks would just be another place to go to blow off some steam and have fun, but the Cast-Members personally, and often thanklessly, transform Walt’s Dream into what we all know and love today.  Day after day, these dedicated individuals go on-stage in the heat, rain, and crowds to add another dimension to the experience.  By performing their roles with enthusiasm and vigor, they can personalize your experience into a one-of-a-kind magical moment and make your children feel as if they are on top of the world.  

My family has benefitted many times from the generosity and graciousness of the Cast-Members and now it is time to give something back.  It is really quite simple:  without the dedicated, loyal, and selfless Cast-Members, the Disney Parks would lose their spirit and soul.  

We have all been touched, affected, or had magic done for us by Cast-Members and all of you can help The Magic in Pixels celebrate the Cast-Members by digging into your photo archives (and brains) and coming up with your favorite photos and stories and sending them in for inclusion in the celebration.  Please be sure to include date, location, the Cast-Member’s name (if you have it), and a brief story about your experience and why you would love to share some appreciation for him/her.  Even if you don’t have a photo, your stories are certainly welcome- the more, the merrier.  

With all of your help, this could really be something special for the Cast-Members, who truly need to be thanked and shown how much we all appreciate their hard work.  

Please send your submissions to tim (at) themagicinpixels (dot) com.  Thanks!

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