Buffalo DriveStation 2TB Review

If you are looking for a very large external hard drive to store your photos, you should remember one very important factor:  “it’s not IF the hard drive will fail, it’s WHEN it will fail.”  I recently had a hard drive fail on me that I used for photo storage and the repair process (and bill) have not been a pleasant experience.  That is why you should always protect your valuable data with a redundant backup system.  If you are looking for an efficient and cost-effective solution, Buffalo Tech has you covered with the Buffalo DriveStation 2TB External Hard Drive Array.

Quite simply, the DriveStation is an external hard drive that features (2) 1TB SATA drives inside.  The cool part is that you can configure the device in either a RAID 0 full a 2TB and faster data transfer or it can also be configured as a RAID 1 which gives you 1TB of storage but you get the advantage and peace of mind of having your data written to both drives at the same time (mirroring).  If you have a drive that fails (and they all do sooner or later), you just pop out the bad drive, replace it with another one, and it rewrites the data from the remaining good drive and you are right back up and running.

The drive has a fairly small desktop footprint, about 4 inches wide, to save you desktop real estate.  Using the drive is as simple as using any other drive in Windows Explorer and once you configure the drive with the formatting utility, you are up and running.  There is a physical power switch on the back of the unit so you can turn it on and off to save power and wear and tear on the drives.  The unit connects via USB 2.0 or Firewire 400 to ensure fast data speeds and there is an LCD panel on the front of the unit (disguised as a small mirror) which gives you the status/health of the drives. It is also worth noting is the drives included with the unit are 1TB SATA drives, spinning at 7200 rpm.

The unit ships in a RAID 0 configuration as the default but it is easy to re-format it into the RAID 1 using the included software.  One piece of advice:  you MUST unplug all external storage devices (card readers, hard drives, thumb drives, etc.) before attempting for re-format the unit or it will not work.  Had I known that, it would have saved a 30 minute call to tech-support (friendly, helpful, and English-speaking).  The unit ships with the power cable, USB 2.0 cable, and Firewire cable, along with the necessary software and a Mimeo backup trial offer.

At a cost of $239.90, I feel  that this is a complete steal of a bargain that should not be overlooked.  For barely the cost of (2) 1TB hard drives, you get an all-in-one backup solution that provides peace of mind and an instant backip plan in the event of a hard drive failure.  I have one and feel that no serious Park Photographer should be without one.  Order yours today!

You can purchase the Buffalo DriveStation 2TB External Hard Drive Array from our Trusted Sponsor, B&H Photo, the professional’s source, satisfying millions of customers since 1973.  Click here to purchase!.

To see the other offerings from Buffalo Tech, including networked storage options, please follow this link.


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