Tim Devine Shows There is Magic in Pixels- and People!


There is no question that Tim Devine knows how to capture the magic of Walt Disney World in great photographs. Just take a look at his galleries on TheMagicInPixels.com and you’ll see the proof – over a thousand times over.

Tim also knows it takes people to make magic happen. And he is one of those people.

At the first Dream Team Charity Auction in 2006, Tim responded to our last minute call for donations by allowing me to choose any of the prints he had brought to sell at DisMeets (now MagicMeets) to auction off. Tim was just getting started himself with the Disney community, his website, and the whole Fan Gathering thing. But he was generous and gracious, and the 8×10” matted print of Wishes! raised $31 at auction.

For the next auction, Tim approached me much earlier – I think it might even have been during MouseFest – with a promise of doing something special for the Dream Team. His donation of a framed 16×20” photo of Cinderella Castle during Wishes!, complete with a quote from Walt Disney, was gorgeous. Lucky winning bidder Jeff Crosley got to take home the print, and $156 went to Make-A-Wish!

This year, Tim has raised the bar again.


First, there is the print. His photo of Cinderella Castle and its moat was breathtaking in its original form, but for the Dream Team, Tim took it to a whole ‘nother artistic level. “I converted the raw (cr2) file to a jpeg, made some minor adjustments and corrections to the exposure and did a small amount of cloning to clean things up a bit, cranked the saturation, increased the contrast to create harder edges, ran a sketch action in Photoshop to create the pen and ink effect, made some minor adjustments and some touch ups to create the final product, had it printed on real canvas and framed, and that’s about it…” Translation: it looks awesome! Go clear space on the wall and check the balance in the kids’ college funds right now: somebody is going home with an incredibly beautiful piece of art for their home, for the highest bid!

But, Tim isn’t stopping there. In addition to the auction print, he is donating a percentage of the profits on all sales made at his MagicMeets table before the end of the auction. The proceeds will be included in the total amount raised for Make-A-Wish Foundation® that day. He’ll even take requests for prints from his galleries now and have them available for you at the MagicMeet. So go clear some more space on the walls, and be sure to stop by to check out his photos and Wallpaper CDs, because the more he sells, the more he’ll donate.

“As a father of a very healthy two year old, I know first hand the magic and thrill of a Disney vacation, as seen through my son’s eyes and mine,” says Tim. “I have also seen how the Disney magic can bring a smile to the faces of ill children as well and that really inspires me to want to do what I can to help. I just think it’s the right thing to do, to try to give that magic to someone else who may not be as fortunate.” I – and the Dream Team Project –  am very grateful for his support and generosity, because without “Magicians” like Tim, the world would be a much sadder place.

Tim’s been hard at work with major upgrades to TheMagicInPixels.com, and a new version of the site will be launching soon. I’ve had a sneak peek, and let me tell you, you can see this has been a labor of love for Tim. New articles, enhanced galleries, forums, photography tips and tricks, shop, and enough photos to leave you drooling for hours. It’s expected to launch by the end of April, so please drop by and check it out.

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