Parade Photography – Timing is Everything!



We all love taking photos of our favorite parade, be it SpectroMagic, Disney Dreams Come True, or even Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade.  The key to getting the best photos is TIMING!

It is very easy to jump the gun, get excited, and shoot a bunch of photos that you later wish were much better.  Have patience, be ready, and shoot when the opportunity presents itself.

If you compare the two Scrooge McDuck pictures, you will see that the new photo is MUCH better.  I waited until Scrooge was looking at me, got a wave from the old duck, and now I have a much more compelling and memorable keepsake photograph.  By simply having patience and being ready, my photo is now 100 times better than the original.  Try to keep this simple tip in mind as you shoot parade photos; I think you will be much happier with your results.

Study the movements of the characters, particularly if you get a chance to see a parade more than once.  Some characters only look out to one side, some look out to both, some dance at a particular point in the music, and others are more stationary.  Keep the camera up and pointed at something and be ready to shoot.

I hope this simple little tip makes your parade photo much more exciting and you achieve much better results.

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