Welcome to The Magic in Pixels!

It’s finally here and LONG overdue. TMIP 3.0 features not only a slick new look and lots of little bells and whistles under the hood, it is also running on the most up to date and stable version of the content management backbone. This provided the opportunity to add-on many new features that will enhance the user experience, provide additional functionality, and help The Magic in Pixels logocontinue to be the “go-to” site for Disney Theme Park Photography. A photography site, especially one dedicated to the magic and creativity of the Walt Disney Company, needs to reflect those attributed and the time has finally come for The Magic in Pixels to better reflect that which has inspired us to dream and grow creatively over the past few years.

The big focus right now is content: more articles, more tutorials, more tips, and more post-processing advice. In the articles now, you can very easily share the content via Facebook and Twitter, leave comments, and even view embedded images using a very cool lightbox slideshow effect. Out with the old, in with the new. There are exciting times to be part of The Magic in Pixels and I am glad you are here. There will even be “themed months” and new contests that everyone can participate in and be a part of. Stay tuned for announcements and breaking news for complete details.

There are some big things still to come in the future which will help TMIP continue to grow and evolve. There will be loads of new TMIP Photography 101 articles, Post-Processing tips and tutorials, Equipment Reviews of items that TMIP’ers find essential for your Theme Park Photography, and more Photographic Essays for your reading and viewing pleasure. A planned “second-phase” major expansion is also planned, once the new site has had time to mature and grow. It will be an exciting new feature and I am sure you will love it once the time comes.

At this time I would like to thank the members of the TMIP Disney Photo Forum. It takes good members and friends to keep a site going and I honestly and truly believe that this is one of the best online communities in all of the internet. From the charter members who have been with TMIP from day one to the newest members that recently joined in the discussion, I personally and whole-heartedly thank each and every one of you for your loyalty, participation, and support over the years. You have helped me “keep on keeping on” and have given me the inspiration and creativity needed to get us where we are today. Thank you so much and enjoy the all-new TMIP as it continues to grow, evolve, and inspire.