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Walt’s best friend, brother Roy O. Disney…

Of all the characters, Artisans, and friends that Walt Disney had amassed over his long, successful career, none was more important than his own brother, Roy O. Disney. The bond these two men developed over […]


It’s A Small World attraction-Still on guest’ “Bucket List”…

                                                                                                               Here is the quintessential attraction perhaps in all of Disney. “It’s a Small World” is another example of a classic, low tech offering that is made more special in the fact the Walt Disney […]


Mickey Mouse-a cure for the Depression…

                                                                                                               It’s hard to believe, but another Christmas season is almost upon us. This mostly Christian annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus is also celebrated by countless millions of non-Christians world-wide. It represents hope […]


What were Walt’s “Last Words”?

Walt Disney has left the World such an enormous legacy, few in history did not, or in the future will have difficulty vanquishing. But sadly, like many famous people before him, have also left a […]


Disney’s Animators Strike of 1941…

One of Walt Disney’s most salient quotes of the many he articulated over the years was…” All the adversity I’ve had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me… You may not […]


Walt Disney’s “Nine Old Men”…

Walt Disney’s “Nine Old Men” The World can thank Walter Elias Disney for amazing Theme Parks, heart-warming stories and feature films, both live and animated, and his vision and innovations which has brought animation today […]


DeMolay and Walt Disney-Perfect Together…

Most Disney fans and historians know that Walt Disney was perhaps one of the 20th Centuries most successful and innovative animation and entertainment pioneers. Walt prospered and achieved phenomenal success in conceivably one of the […]


Religion and Walt Disney…

With all the accomplishments and accolades that Walt Disney had accrued over his amazing lifetime, many never think about how Religion, or even what Religious affiliation Walt subscribed to and how it influenced his remarkable […]


Walt Disney’s stress reliever…Polo

One thing that all Disney fans and history buffs agree on is that Walt Disney was one of the industries greatest innovators and storytellers. His amazing ability to garner the best from those who worked […]


Walt Disney-The Everyman Gourmet…

It is hard to believe that Walt Disney, the man who gave us Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, the first successful animated movie classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and who’s legacy is one of […]


Walt Disney and the Oscars…

Any movie aficionado knows the Academy Awards, or the moniker “Oscars” as those golden statues are often referred to, are the ultimate recognition of excellence and achievements from the movie industry  to actors, writers, special […]


Zorro – The First Action-Adventure Hero

Walt Disney was a man of remarkable talent. He has been called many things in his lifetime… artist, showman, animator and American icon. But perhaps his greatest talent was that of clairvoyant, or seer. He […]


Disney’s Forgotten Railroad-Fort Wilderness Railroad…

Walt Disney was a lifelong Rail Road fanatic. Ever since his earliest days in Marceline Missouri, when he and his brother Roy would go to the train tracks near their small farm and wait for […]


Jimmie Dodd-The leader of the Club…

“Who’s the Leader of the Club that’s made for you and me? M- I- C- K- E- Y -M- O- U- S- E Mickey Mouse! “Most anyone, unless you live on the moon, and any […]


Disney’s Builder…Admiral Joe Fowler

Walt Disney is famous for his quotes, and perhaps the most poignant one was… “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the […]