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Fantasyland’s Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train Attraction…

Since the long-anticipated Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride attraction opened at the New Fantasyland expansion, there have been countless videos and pics on Disney’s newest addition to their ride arsenal. So for this article, I […]


EPCOT’S Germany Pavilion…

My Wife and I love World Showcase. The diversity of Countries represented and the amazing detail always amazes me. Every countries Pavilion is a scaled-down, meticulously detailed area of the country shown, whether it be […]


Snow White (Flower & Garden)

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY – APRIL 23, 2012 “Snow White – Epcot Flower & Garden” by Tim Devine (requested by Tiki_Kiki26 on Twitter)   I am a huge fan of the Epcot Flower & […]