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THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, JANUARY 5, 2013 “The Dapper Dans” My buddy, Bill, once told me that you get more entertainment on Main Street USA alone than you get in an entire competitor’s park.  […]

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Main Street Time Lapse

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY – AUGUST 14, 2012 “Main Street Time Lapse” by Tim Devine   When I went and got set up to make this amazing shot on Main Street USA, it required […]

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Main Street Station – Disneyland

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY – APRIL 2, 2012 “Main Street Station – Disneyland” by Tim Devine   The Main Street Train Station is there to welcome Guests as they pass through the turnstiles into […]

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POTD 7/5/2010 – “Main Street Flag Retreat”

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY, JULY 5, 2010  “Main Street Flag Retreat” by Tim Devine On July 16, 2007, my grandfather was chosen to be the Veteran of the Day for the Main Street Flag […]

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