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Double Dumbo

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY – APRIL 28, 2012 “Double Dumbo” by Tim Devine   Late one night in The Magic Kingdom during my recent trip, I ventured out into the new Storybookland Circus area […]


The Roger E. Broggie

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY – APRIL 21, 2012 “The Roger E. Broggie” by Tim Devine   The Walt Disney World Railroad Engine #3, The Roger E. Broggie, sits at the platform of the new […]


TMIP Reader Feedback

At The Magic in Pixels, the goal is to provide you with the highest possible imagery from the Disney Theme Parks and related areas.  We want you to enjoy spending your time perusing the site, […]


Yacht and Beach Club Lighthouse

THE PICTURE OF THE DAY – FEBRUARY 19, 2012 “Yacht and Beach Club Lighthouse” by Tim Devine   This unique image was captured during Pixelmania 2011.  As we were leaving Epcot to go to Beaches […]