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Exposure Compensation Quick Tip

When taking this photograph of the skeletal pirate inside World of Disney at Downtown Disney, the original image came out woefully underexposed.  The reason the image was underexposed was due to the fact that the […]


Sandisk Extreme Firewire Compact Flash Reader

Ever since Rob Galbraith updated his Compact Flash/SD card speed update, I have been thinking about getting a faster CF reader.  As there are only three dSLRs that use UDMA technology (1DsMkIII, D300 and D3), […]


Always Make Backups

When you get back from Walt Disney World, your kid’s sporting event, or wherever else you were taking pictures, copy them to the computer and then burn them to a CD, DVD, and/or copy them […]


Blurry Photos: Causes and Fixes

One of the most disappointing and frustrating things at the end of your Disney vacation is coming home with a bunch of blurry photos.  Nobody wants to see blurry photos or out of focus photos […]


Exposure = Shutter + Aperture + ISO

The first key to successful photography on your Disney vacation is to understand the basics and dynamics of photographic exposure.  Before you learn anything else, you need to know how a photograph is made so […]