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It’s A Small World attraction-Still on guest’ “Bucket List”…

                                                                                                               Here is the quintessential attraction perhaps in all of Disney. “It’s a Small World” is another example of a classic, low tech offering that is made more special in the fact the Walt Disney […]

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Carousel of Progress-Walt’s Favorite…

A few weeks ago in my last article, I was in my usual nostalgic mood right after the Christmas holidays. I talked about the exciting new offerings awaiting guests at Walt Disney World in the […]

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Walt’s Classic “Jungle Cruise”…

The Christmas season has come to an end. As usual, I get a bit behind the times getting back into normalcy. So now I am ready for the new year. What to talk about? Disney […]

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Mickey Mouse-a cure for the Depression…

                                                                                                               It’s hard to believe, but another Christmas season is almost upon us. This mostly Christian annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus is also celebrated by countless millions of non-Christians world-wide. It represents hope […]

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Walt’s “Good Will” Tour, “El Grupo”…

Walt Disney was many things, but most fans perchance do not realize that he was one of America’s biggest patriots and stalwart defenders. This love of country was reveled most evidently just before the United […]

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Remembering “So Dear to my Heart” A retrospect

Walt Disney had an amazing quiver of talents. Most important of them all was that of a storyteller. From the ground-breaking animated film “Alice’s Wonderland” which started Disney on his animated career, Walt always believed […]

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Before there was Walt…

Take a moment and think about this…Walt Disney has more books, magazines, articles, interviews (The countless people he interacted with throughout his career) and today with the internet, webpages devoted to him and his legacy, […]

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Disney’s Toy Story Land-A tour in Pictures…

One of Walt Disney’s most poignant quotes, “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.” Walt of course stated this long before even […]

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What were Walt’s “Last Words”?

Walt Disney has left the World such an enormous legacy, few in history did not, or in the future will have difficulty vanquishing. But sadly, like many famous people before him, have also left a […]

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The “First” Disney Legend-Fred MacMurray…

From the moment that Walt and Roy officially launched the “Disney Bros. Studios” in 1923, Walt Disney strived to keep on his staff the brightest and most talented craftsmen he could. Walt demanded perfection and […]

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Walt Disney and the Ambulance Corps…

Walt Disney, if anything was a man who wore countless hats during his lifetime. Storyteller, animator, visionary, husband, father and the like. He was a hard working Midwesterner who gave 110% all the time and […]

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Frank and Ollie-The core of the Nine old Men…

I would be willing to bet that even among the most casual Disney Fans, all have head of Walt’s “Nine Old Men”. This eclectic core group of Walt Disney’s most staid animators during the golden […]

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Seal Island-Walt Disney’s first nature documentary…

Today, the proliferation of nature and animal series programs on cable and regular TV could fill Seven Seas Lagoon. Everywhere you turn, shows like “Planet Earth”, “The Blue Planet”, “Wild Africa”, “The Life of Birds” […]

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Disney’s only private airport on property…

Ever since Walt’s dream park Disneyland, bowed on July 17th 1955, it and all of its future siblings worldwide have been described by fans as “Magical”, “Wondrous”, “Dream Destination” and countless other adjectives. But I’ll […]

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The founder of “Voices of Liberty” Derric Johnson-an interview…

                                                                                                             I have been writing and covering press events about Walt Disney World for over 10 years. For someone who has loved Disney and his legacy since childhood, it is a dream come true! How […]

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