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Mickey Mouse-A Cure for Depression…

I am submitting this, one of my favorite early pieces on Mickey Mouse. As the whole nation sits under basic lockdown and quarantine because of the annual flu season and now, this addition of the […]

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Walt Disney’s Ultimate Inventor-The Genius of Ub Iwerks: A Book Review..

Several Weeks ago, I was given the amazing opportunity to interview Don Iwerks, son of Disney Legend Ub Iwerks. The purpose of the interview was to discuss his book honoring his fathers’ incredible contributions and […]

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Interview with Don Iwerks-Son of Ub Iwerks and his new book:Walt Disney’s Ultimate Inventor:The Genius of Ub Iwerks…

It is not often that a writer has the opportunity to report on a ground-breaking story, but for this writer, that dream has come to fruition. I was contacted by Don’s PR representative to review […]

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Ubbe Ert Iwwerks Walt Disney’s first “Imagineer”…

                                                           Finally, 2020 has arrived and for Disney fans and Guests worldwide, it herald’s in the greatest plethora of new shows, attractions, lands, enhancements and re-imagining in perhaps the Company’s history. EPCOT will experience 4 […]

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Mickey’s Christmas Carol…

                                                                                                                Another Christmas season is upon us, and for me my inner child, like the phoenix rises from the ashes of adulthood to embrace this magical season. Enjoying the season like a kid, I also […]

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Walt Disney’s original classic, “Dumbo”…

Here is the first Disney Classic that has been rebooted from animation to live actors, and photo-realistically computer generated images. Following this re imagined film was Disney’s “Aladdin” premiering on May 24th, the “Lion King”, […]

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Walt’s 1955 “Lady and the Tramp- A retrospect…

As any Disney fan knows, the Company has been on a cinematic reboot frenzy for the last few years. Disney has been taking some of its classic animated features and rebooting them into live active […]

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Disney’s new “Skyliner” First Impression…

On Wednesday, September 25th, we were given a sneak-peak and ride of Disney’s newest addition to its already proficient transportation system, the gondola transportation system, the Disney Skyliner. Although for many millions of guests, this […]

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EPCOT’s “Fountain of Nations”…

                                                                                                               Since the official opening of Walt Disney Worlds “Fantasyland Expansion” on 12/6/12, Walt Disney World has been in a frantic state of flux since. As any Disneyphile knows, Walt always wanted his park to […]

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Disney Legend and Animator, Freddie Moore…

                                                                                                                   Even the gifted prophetic Walt Disney could not have foretold the present state of his company. Today, the Walt Disney Company has its tendrils entwined into almost every entertainment, vacation and theme park venues […]

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Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge-Sneak Peak in Pictures…

I have just returned from an invitation-only preview of Disney’s most anticipated new Land and attractions, Star Wars, Galaxy’s Edge on the Planet Batuu. We were allowed four hours to inspect, admire and partake in […]

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Walt Disney’s Pinocchio…

As a Diehard Disney lover, I am above all a Disney traditionalist. I love all the Disney classic cartoon shorts and classic animation features. You can tell anything that Walt was personally involved in. This […]

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                                                                                                                 Many would say, what makes you know so much about the weather? Well, being a private pilot for many years, I have an intimate knowledge of the medium, after all pilots fly in the […]

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Walt’s biggest action-adventure series-“Zorro”

                                                                                                                 In my last article, I showcased Walt’s amazing and prophetic abilities to know what, who and why things will work. He chose the perfect actor for his action/adventure series “Zorro” His choice of Guy […]

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Guy Williams-Walt’s choice to play Zorro…

                                                                                                                Walt Disney’s phenomenal success and career was due to many factors, and storyteller has to rank in the top of the list. He had an inborn knack for conveying the stories of his own […]

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