Lights, Motors, Action!



“Lights, Motors, Action”

TIMING IS EVERYTHING!! A villain car explodes after being shot by the hero in Lights, Motors, Action at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  I took this photo during Pixelmania 2014 and wanted to try to capture the split-second that the car explodes.  I pre-focused on the villain car and waited until the hero started shooting at the enemy and as soon as I saw the first flash of the explosion, fired the camera and caught it just right.  I really like all of the sparks from the explosion, making the photo much more dynamic than if it was just a puff a smoke. By zooming in very tightly and focusing on (no pun intended) just this one aspect of the action, it creates a very powerful image.   I often like to zoom in and isolate details or the “story within the story” and catching little vignettes such as this is a lot of fun.  Lights, Motors, Action has a lot of opportunities like this. I know how loud the explosion is inside of the stadium; how loud do you think it must be inside of the villain car? Enjoy your day, everyone, and be sure to check all the good doings over at WDW360!


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