Yehaa Bob!


Yehaa Bob

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Taken 7/16/2014

“Yehaa Bob!”

“Yehaa Bob” Jackson is one of the legendary performers on Disney property that everyone NEEDS to go see.  He performs at the Port Orleans Riverside River Roost Lounge most Wednesday through Saturday nights from 8:30pm to about 11:30pm.  He has an amazing blend of incredible piano talent, slapstick, vaudeville, and singing that will leaving you roaring in laughter and walking out with your sides aching.  Somehow Bob combines playing a rocking (literally) piano, singing, physical comedy, and facial gestures all at the same time.

Yehaa Bob sings everything from Bingo Was His Name-O to some classic Disney hits like the Mickey Mouse Club March to classic rock like We Will Rock You by Queen… and EVERYTHING in between.  Some of my personal favorites are “I Like Beer!” and “Sarah, Sarah, Sitting on the Shed House Door”.  He morphs almost seamlessly from song to song, pausing only to blast his horn, or wipe the sweat off his brow, yelling “Are you SURE I’m not messing up my hair?” to which the crowd replies (loudly), “IT LOOKS GREAT, BOB!”

Yehaa Bob has several in-jokes that he likes to play throughout the night on unsuspecting guests that always elicit a chuckle from the crowds that come to see him perform.  No matter where you are from when you go to see Bob, everyone else in the crowd is from there too.  Amazing!

The food at the River Roost is excellent, with my personal favorites being a plate of chicken wings with a Turbo Dog beer to wash them down.  In between sets, Bob takes a short break and poses for photos with his fans and if take a photo with him, he will take a photo with YOU and put it on his facebook page.

Bob has been playing and entertaining for years and we really hope he continues to keep on for many more years to come.  In case I am not being clear, DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!

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