Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade debuts at the Magic Kingdom…

Today at the Magic Kingdom Disney unveiled its brand new parade, The “Festival of Fantasy Parade” down Main St. USA. The much-anticipated new entry for the Magic Kingdom lived up to all the hype. As only Disney can do it, the throngs of guests were treated to a new music score and some amazing new parade floats! Replacing the old “Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade” which retired in early January, the new entry spotlights all the Disney Characters from the classic animated movies to the most contemporary films, such as Frozen and Tangled. In addition to the new soundtrack, the over 100 member cast for the parade will have new costumes. And of course, bringing up the rear is the big cheese himself, Mickey Mouse.

So enjoy the group of pics from the opening day of this bright and bouncy new parade, sure to be a huge hit with the guests…



Bill Iadonisi

Bill Iadonisi

Bill Iadonisi and Tim Devine have been friends for many years. Bill’s true skills are in researching and writing about the Disney Parks. Writing fascinating articles about the Disney Parks, which are shared on several sites, is the cut of this guy’s jib! To read more of Bill’s articles at The Magic in Pixels, CLICK HERE!



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