The Magic in Pixels will be celebrating the birth of the newest Mouseketeer within the next few days and to help kick off the celebration, of the newest member of the TMIP family, we are having a contest.  Whoever is closest to guessing the baby’s length and weight (one winner each) will win a really cool Disney Theme Park print, compliments of The Magic in Pixels.  Just leave your guesses in the comments section below and the correct answer will be attached to this post when the baby arrives!  Good luck!

For an extra bonus, if someone can predict the baby’s name (we did not find out the gender), there might be something REALLY cool in it for the winner.  Only guesses posted below will be eligible.


UPDATE: Baby Caroline Ann Devine arrived at 0827 hours on 7/11/2013, 9lbs 12oz and 21.25 inches long.  Everyone is doing just wonderfully!  Thank you for all of your guesses; I will be looking back through the entries to find the winners!

29 thoughts on “Guess the baby’s length and weight and WIN!

  1. I really hope it’s a girl because your poor wife is already outnumbered! I’m going to guess 18.5″ long and about 8.2lbs. And a name… something on the traditional side like the rest of the family. Like Michael or Emily.

  2. July 13th, 2013 @ 2:46 p.m………Boy: Jacob, Girl: Cynthia 🙂
    8lbs, 19 inches.. Best of luck you guys, cant wait to hear!!!

  3. Congrats dear friends! It’s a girl n Tim will want to name her Minnie! Jk lol! I say 8lbs 4 oz 19 1/2 long names girl: Sarah boy: Lucas! Good luck can’t wait to meet the newest Devine!

  4. Hi!! I’m going with a girl as the sex!! 7lb 6oz and 20 1/2in. I think her name will be (should be) Emma Devine. But a good name for a boy would be Luke I guess lol. Good luck guys!

  5. These are some awesome guesses. Keep them coming! We should find out by lunch time tomorrow, barring any unexpected circumstances.

  6. I think the baby will be a girl and she will be 9 lbs 13oz n 19 3/4 in long. Girl name Emily. Boy name Aidan. Good luck guys!!!

  7. Congratulations!!! I also think it will be a girl! I think she will be 19.5 inches long and seven pounds 6 ounces and her name will be Timina. No, wait, that’s No good… How about Timicita… No, still not right. Let’s try Danielle. Yep Danielle Devine.. it’s got a nice ring to it!
    Now if it’s a boy I’ll guess the same weight and length but my Name guess will be Dillon.

  8. Baby Girl named Tamara, weight 7 pounds 9 ounces. Congratulations on your new arrival. Hope baby arrives soon.:)

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