Tim Devine’s Pixelmania 2012…

Tim Devine’s Pixelmania 2012

Walt Disney World and photography, perfect together. Each year there are untold millions of pictures taken annually at Walt Disney World. These pictures are taken with everything from a $15 throwaway camera to a top-of-the-line Canon 1Dx. And the people taking these pictures come from the ranks of amateur and professional photographers alike. The basics of taking great pictures have changed little since inception of photography over 150 years ago. But in the last 30 years, equipment used has advanced in leaps and bounds. No longer are we shackled by cameras with limited control, and film which only gives us finite amounts of shots per roll. The new digital equipment today, gives us instant feedback with our pictures and the ability to take unlimited shots and the ability to instantly erase a bad one.

tim at the pixelmania 2012 welcome meet


No one knows this better than professional photographer and master lens man, Tim Devine. Who is Tim Devine? For everyone in the Disney community, Tim is a staple. His two passions, Disney and photography are showcased in his highly popular website “THEMAGICINPIXELS.COM”. A professional photographer since 2004, Tim decided to share his knowledge of photography in a blog, starting in 2005. That blossomed into the “THEMAGICINPIXELS.COM”. This site is a photographer’s Nirvana. Free to join, aspiring and professional photographers alike will find everything from discussion forums, huge picture galleries, areas where you can post pictures, download, and exchange tips and tricks from fellow photographers.

On the site, you can ask any question and seek advice from Tim himself. Tim and his staff encourage and welcome all questions, and are eager to help everyone become better photographers. With just a few simple tricks and suggestions, you would be amazed on the improvement of your pictures and techniques. Tim makes it a point to answer every e-mail, and encourages all to join in the discussion forums.

Now that you know a little about Tim, exactly what is “Pixelmania”?  All Disney fans remember “MouseFest”®. That yearly get-together around Christmas time that brought Disney fans together to meet and get to know each other, while attending prearranged meetings and activities all around the parks. MouseFest® is no longer with us. Many Disney fans lamented its demise, including Tim. The solution? Tim decided in 2009 to create his own meet under the name “Pixelmania” Tim’s definition of the meet is… Pixelmania! A festival of Disney Photography, friendship, and fun! And I couldn’t agree more. Held in December, the meet is designed so “Disney Photography Enthusiasts can have fun taking pictures and learning with each other in a relaxed environment with other like-minded enthusiasts.  It is also an opportunity for members of TMIP and other communities to meet and share a common interest” quoted from Tim himself!

I have attended the last two years of Pixelmania. Tim and his team made great strides into making the meet a fun, enjoyable and educational adventure. There is no pressure to attend any of the activities planned. In fact, there’s plenty of free time to roam on your own, and the clever scheduling of the meets assures that everyone can attend without missing anything. But even though we are at Disney World, the main focus is photography. Here throughout the four-day event, Tim holds impromptu photography lessons. This is the time for all photographers to glean from Tim’s bag of tricks and tips on how to be a better photographer. What is wonderful about these meets is that no question goes unanswered. No matter how trivial the question, Tim and his team will go out of their way to answer and explain that how’s and why’s of some of photography’s more complex mysteries. From night photography, day photography and everything in between, this is your chance to get your answers. The whole experience is relaxing and enjoyable, everybody feels welcome and everyone has a great time!



One of the best aspects of Tim’s meets is that he always goes out of his way to arrange a surprise for all. This year’s treat, as it was for the last two was a visit from none other than world renowned Disney historian Jim Korkis! For anyone who has never attended one of Jim’s talks, they are missing a treat. In addition to his vast knowledge of Disney history, lore and his 30+ year’s involvement with the Disney Company, he is second only to Walt Disney as a storyteller! What’s amazing about Jim is his astonishing ability to talk about Disney without ever referring to notes, crib sheets, or any other media. He will not only rattle off facts and figures, but his ability to envelop you into the story is second to none. This year Jim gave us a history lesson on the Studios Sunset Boulevard. For over an hour and a half, Jim explained the buildings, the signs and pointed out lots of hidden gems that most of us would miss. For Disney fans Jim has also written two major books on Disney. His “The Revised Vault of Walt: Unofficial, Unauthorized, Uncensored Disney Stories Never Told and his newest book, “Who’s Afraid of the Song of the South? And Other Forbidden Disney Stories” are now available on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com. You can also contact…bob@themeparkpress.com for further information.

So whether if you’re a photographer, Disney fan or both Pixelmania is the place to be!  Already plans are being drawn up for next year’s meet, and I for one cannot wait for it. For information on Pixelmania, log onto WWW.THEMAGICINPIXELS.COM you can sign up for the site, and join in all the fun. Remember signing up is free, and just browsing through all those stunning pictures of Walt Disney World will put you right into the parks, even if you’re thousands of miles away! Control/Click the following link to see a bit of Jim Korkis’ History talk on Sunset Boulevard…

 What are your thoughts and memories from Pixelmania 2012?


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