Merry Christmas, 1938



“Merry Christmas, 1938”
by Brandon Champlin, based on a photo by Tim Devine
 The entire staff at The Hollywood Tower Hotel wishes all of you a very Merry Christmas!
Concept:  Brandon from The Tower of Terror has asked me awhile ago if I could supply him with a high-res version of one of the photos from The Magic in Pixels Photo Gallery because he wanted to work on a super special Christmas project.  The above work represents the results of his work and effort, and makes for one of the finest and most original Christmas cards my family has ever received.  I asked Brandon to share a few words with the reader of The Magic in Pixels to describe what went into this project and what he was hoping to accomplish.
 Tower of Terror-017-(10-2011)_J0E1738“So, this holiday season I wanted to do something a little more unique with my Holiday cards than buying generic sentiments teamed up with some Currier and Ives style artwork. I wanted something that my friends at Disney would automatically understand and would be something a little more personal. With the great help of The Magic in Pixels, I started working on my Holiday Card of the Tower of Terror Lobby as it would have appeared in 1938, the last Christmas that the hotel would have celebrated. The first step was to restore as much of the room as I could, removing cracks, stains, and a myriad of spiderwebs. Next I had to scour the internet for photos of holiday decorations such as the Tree, garland, bows, stockings and pile of presents. Once I had all of those together I mixed it with about 5 hours of Photoshop Magic. I used a lot of elements on top of what could not be easily removed, such as the Owl Statue and the luggage sitting next to the Sofa. In the end I added a few small other details, such as a nutcracker on the front desk and a miniature tree on one of the lobby tables. In the end I’m pretty proud of how the piece came out and I had them professionally printed on nice stock. My only downfall in the entire process was only ordering 20. Once word got out about the cards, everyone wanted one. I guess I’ll have to learn my lesson next year.”
Thanks, Brandon.  When I received my card in the mail, my jaw dropped.  I was blown away at how original, creative, and well-done the card was.  I am happy to share the image with all of you, and hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, 1938-style!
Technical Details:  Canon 1dMk4, Sigma 8-16, 1/15 sec, f/5.6, ISO 2500
Post Processing:  Adobe Photoshop CS5 Raw Conversion
Photo taken 10/23/2011.
Tower of Terror, Sunset Boulevard, Disney-Hollywood Studios
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