Poetic Keybook iPad2 Case Review


DISCLAIMER:  I purchased this item from Amazon.com; I did not get it for free for review.


keybook1The Poetic(TM) KeyBook Removable Bluetooth Keyboard and Leather Book Style Case for iPad 2 is a book-style case for the Apple iPad 2 which features a removable bluetooth keyboard. The case itself is a black leather-like case which is precision cut and stitched to securely hold your iPad. It features cutouts for the front and back cameras, home button, volume controls, 30 pin connector, and rear speaker. It should also be mentioned that this is a “smart case” with magnets that turns the iPad off when the case is closed and wakes it back up when you open the case; a great feature for convenience and extending your battery life. There is a kick-stand on the back of the case to hold it open while using your device.

The keyboard is a removable bluetooth keyboard that is held in place by magnets. It recharges via the same 30 pin connector that charges the iPad, which is a nice feature because you don’t have to carry more than one cable with you. It synced within seconds and went right to work. The keys are made of plastic, not soft rubber, and the top row of the keyboard features “hot keys” for many iPad functions, including home button, on-screen keyboard toggle, spotlight search, cut/copy/paste, screen on/off toggle, and iPad music controls, and a lock button. As mentioned, the keyboard is easily removed if you want to cut a little bit of weight, but the keyboard is so light and thin that I doubt you would want to do this.


Those who know me know that I am a total “bang for the buck” person who is looking for value in what I purchase.  This product has far exceeded my expectation.  My initial impressions of this case are very positive; I have tried other similar cases (at higher price points) and this one feels much more secure and sturdy. When the case is closed, the package feels solid, yet still lightweight and compact, and the iPad seems well protected. The case is held closed by a magnetic latch to prevent it from suddenly flying open. This case feels like a natural and logical extension of the iPad. The added functionality that the keyboard provides is something that you will wonder how you did without, even if the on-screen keyboard is handy and responsive.

Perhaps the best feature of this item is the price, which ranges from about $37-$40 on Amazon.com with free shipping as of this review. When compared to similar keyboard cases at retail stores, which option cost close to $100, this is an absolute steal. I am absolutely delighted with this case, especially for the price which is about 60% of the cost of similar cases at retail. You should absolutely get yours today!


  • Removable Bluetooth keyboard with hotkeys for major iPad functions
  • “Smart Cover” which turns iPad on and off
  • Magnetic latch to keep it closed
  • Kickstand to hold it open during usage
  • Cutouts for all major ports and buttons
  • Incredible bang for the buck vs. other leading brands that often cost $100+

Click here to order your Poetic(TM) KeyBook Removable Bluetooth Keyboard and Leather Book Style Case for iPad 2

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