About The Pixelmania 2011 Artwork


The official Pixelmania 2011 was custom designed for The Magic in Pixels by Aaron Johnson from What the Duck.com upon special request by Dennis Dunkman (ddindy on TMIP, @dd_indy on Twitter). Dennis asked me what I thought about asking Aaron to come up with something clever and witty for this year’s event and it seemed like a great idea. Several emails letter and we had our design. There was no need to revise or modify anything; Aaron’s original design was a hit right from the jump!

I asked Aaron if he would come up with a few words to describe his thought process about the design and what little elements or surprises he might have hidden in the artwork.

He replied, “To be asked to design this year’s Pixelmania shirt was a great honor. All things Disney have been a part of my life for some time. An early trip to Disney World helped spawn my career in animation. So to combine WDW with WTD was a fun project to say the least.

The inspiration for the design was a no-brainer. If the design needed a title, “What the Donald Duck” would be most fitting. And what’s a Pixelmania design without a hidden Mickey? Thanks for allowing me to be a part of Pixelmania. And if anyone has a large suitcase (roughly large enough to stow away a very jealous cartoonist), give me a call.

As you can see, his design is an absolute smash. If you want to purchase your every own Pixelmania 2011 t-shirt or a mounted print of this fantasic design, please head over to The Magic in Pixels store. Also please show Aaron some love by visiting his site at What the Duck.com and follow him on Twitter (@wtdcomics).

Thanks, Aaron from the entire TMIP family and hope you can make it to Pixelmania!

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