POTD 12/18/2010 – “Haunted Mansion – Day to Night”


2010-12-18 disney picture of the day

“The Haunted Mansion from Day to Night”
by Tim Devine

Requested by @ButterflyBrie on Twitter.  Brie had asked me to post a Haunted Mansion photo about a week ago and I was not able to get to it, as my C: drive crashed and it took me a few days to make the repair and get the data back and what not, so in addition to last night’s photo, I wanted to give her a two-pack since I felt bad about not getting a pic up for her sooner.

This incredible image is a blend of two seperate images that I took at different times, different dates.  I was able to find a day and night shot that seems to match up closely and by using layers and masking in Photoshop, the effect is one that appears to be day on one side, and night on the other.  How cool is that? 

Post Processing:  Adobe Photoshop CS4

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