POTD 12/17/2010 – “Master Gracey”


2010-12-17 disney picture of the day

“Master Gracey”
by Tim Devine

As requested by @ButterflyBrie on Twitter.  This picture is on that was a lot of fun to make.  Let’s start with getting all 6 phases of Master Gracey’s portrait and layering them into the “frame” that looks the best.  By “layering”, what I did was find the frame that looked best and used it as the template for all of the other images, as I did not use a tripod for this.  I then posititioned and resized each individual portrait into the template and was left with six layers.  I then added the background image and added some text, a few layer styles and drop shadows later it was done.  So…  whatcha think?  Drop a comment at the end of this page and let me know. 

Before you eagle-eyed observers jump on me, these images were take PRIOR to the 2007 enhancement of the Haunted Mansion in which Gracey’s portrait now faces in the opposite direction.  4 years later, it still looks weird to me to see him facing to the right.

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